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How To Clean A Chocolate Fountain

Practical Ways To Clean A Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate fountains are great fun but we are always asked how to clean a chocolate fountain without creating a mess! It is possible and quite easy and we provide you with several tips for cleaning a chocolate fountain the easy way.

Tip 1: Don't let the chocolate go hard!

It's that simple, the most common mistake that chocolate fountain owners make is to try to clean a chocolate fountain after the chocolate has set! It is so much easier to clean a fountain when the chocolate is still in a liquid state.

Tip 2: Pour the liquid chocolate away or into a container!

If your chocolate is still liquid, pour the chocolate fountain into a container and scrape off as much excess chocolate as possible from the fountain bowl, tiers and centre column or tube using a spatula, the more chocolate that you scrape off, the easier it is to clean. If you have a small fountain at home and only a few people have used it, you may want to re-use the chocolate by placing the chocolate into a freezer. Note, this is your choice and we are not pharmacological experts in this area!

Tip 3: Most chocolate fountains have dishwasher proof parts!

If your chocolate fountain has dishwasher proof parts, the easy way is to use a dishwasher. Always read the chocolate fountain manufacturer's instructions before using a dishwasher and never place the chocolate fountain base including the motor and augur or pump into a dishwasher, these have to be cleaned by hand. It is also recommended that you give the chocolate fountain a clean in soapy water before placing it in a dishwasher as lots of chocolate will eventually block the internal tubes of a dishwasher.

Tip 4: Never pour the chocolate down the sink!

Lquid chocolate solidifies rapidly when it comes into contact with a cold surface or air temperatures, never pour liquid chocolate directly into a sink or wash hand basin, it will block up your pipes very quickly and is really difficult to remove. Always pour the chocolate into a container for disposal or re-use.

Tip 5: When hand cleaning, use hot soapy water!

If the chocolate fountain reservoir and internal parts need to be hand cleaned, use fresh soapy water and the hotter the better. Hot water will turn the chocolate into a liquid state rapidly if it is not already like this. Really soapy water also helps to clean the chocolate from the parts. We would recommend that you wash all of the parts to get them reasonably clean in one lot of water and then change the water and re-wash the parts to ensure that they are thoroughly clean.

Tip 6: How to get the chocolate out of the centre tube!

This is tricky, especially if the centre tube is quite small as is the case with a small fountain. again, use really hot soapy water but don't make it too hot for your to use without buring yourself. Take the centre tube out of the water and pull a dish cloth or cleaning cloth through the middle. Put the tube back in the water and holding both ends of the cloth, run the tube up and down. If the water is hot and soapy, this will generally remove all of the chocolate, if you have a brush that will fit down the tube, try using that!

Tip 7: Always ensure that the chocolate fountain is completely dry before packing away!

It may be a long time before you use your chocolate fountain again so always ensure that any washed parts are completely dry before packing your chocolate fountain away for health reasons.


This article was written by Ed Hall, owner of Chocolate Fountains of Devon providing Chocolate Fountains in Devon and Somerset.


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